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Economic and Market News

Economic and Market News

Market Outlook

  • pdf icon2020 Outlook - A Call for Resilience - 2019 was largely characterized by a tug-of-war between substantial geopolitical drags and offsetting global monetary policy easing. The third slowdown of this expansion took hold at midyear, once again creating concerns about the timing and cause of the next recession. Ironically, almost every asset class in 2019 has delivered positive returns, despite these concerns. As investors, we cannot always accurately predict geopolitical outcomes or the exact dates when expansions end, but we can remain diligent and resilient. We hope this 2020 Outlook by Wells Fargo Investment Institute will offer investment insight concerning the global economy, equities, fixed income, and real assets in 2020.

  • pdf iconHow Bull Markets End - As the bull market ages, investors increasingly wonder if it’s nearing an end. It is not possible to predict the exact end of this, or any, bull market. But bear markets are a normal part of the market cycle—and investors should expect to experience them and plan accordingly. A new report from Wells Fargo Investment Institute, How Bull Markets End, addresses such topics as: How this market cycle differs from previous ones; what characteristics have caused sustained economic downturns historically; the outlook for whether WFII expects a bear market in the near term.


Investment Strategy

  • pdf iconAsset Allocation Strategy Report (Executive Summary) - Summary perspective on international investing, global fixed income, equities, and alternative investments, as well as macro-economic datapoints and forecasts by Wells Fargo Investment Institute. (Nov 2019)


  • pdf iconAsset Allocation Strategy Report (Comprehensive) - Perspective on investing, economic and market information, strategic and tactical asset allocation models, including rationale, technical analysis, and international recommendations. (Nov 2019)



Thematic Reports

  • pdf iconHow Do I Generate Income to Fund retirement? - Retirement can be an exciting time. Yet, the months leading up to it and the beginning of retirement can be filled with uncertainty for many individuals. Today, baby Boomers are retiring at an accelerating rate, and many are faced with questions about how to manage finances when they are no longer working. Having a retirement income plan can help ease this transition.

  • pdf iconBalancing Risk and Reward - Market participants must weigh the amount of risk they are willing to take in exchange for return or income. When asset prices begin to rise ahead of fundamental valuation measures, we believe that investors should exercise greater caution. We recommend maintaining a diversified portfolio with a level of expected risk that aligns with an investor's return objectives.



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FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals