Economic and Market News

Economic and Market News

2018 Outlook

  • pdf icon2018 Midyear Outlook - As we look ahead to 2018, the global expansion is coordinated but the U.S. expansion is more mature. The U.S. economy is near full employment, and equity prices appear fully valued. There are uncertainties that may leave financial markets susceptible to pullbacks. The 2018 Midyear Outlook published by wells Fargo Investment Institute summarizes uncertainties facing investors today that may leave investors susceptible to pullbacks.


Investment Strategy

  • pdf iconAsset Allocation Strategy Report (Executive Summary) - Summary perspective on international investing, global fixed income, equities, and alternative investments, as well as macro-economic datapoints and forecasts by Wells Fargo Investment Institute. (October 2018)

  • pdf iconAsset Allocation Strategy Report (Comprehensive) - Perspective on investing, economic and market information, strategic and tactical asset allocation models, including rationale, technical analysis, and international recommendations. (October 2018)

Thematic Reports

  • pdf iconBalancing Risk and Reward - Market participants must weigh the amount of risk they are willing to take in exchange for return or income. When asset prices begin to rise ahead of fundamental valuation measures, we believe that investors should exercise greater caution. We recommend maintaining a diversified portfolio with a level of expected risk that aligns with an investor's return objectives.

  • pdf iconPolicies of Change - Guiding principles that may help shape the global economy. Published by Wells Fargo Investmet Institite, this informative piece asks and answers key questions that are important to today's global investors: What are today's predominant policy trends? How does policy affect economic growth? How do geopolitical risks affect policies and markets?

  • pdf iconSeeing Wealth Differently Across Generations - Generational Influences on Financial Decisions. Published by Wells Fargo Investmet Institite, this informative piece identifies many influential financial events by generation and the impact they have on family wealth and investment decision making.

  • pdf iconThe Agile Investor - Conditions are favorable for Agile Investors. In this report, published by Wells Fargo Investmet Institite, proactive strategies for investors navigating today's ever-changing economic and political environment are presented.

  • pdf iconConsumers, Commodities, and Currency - Capital markets are largely impacted by consumer activity, commodity prices, and currency-rate fluctuations. The interactions between these three forces influence economic growth and asset valuations. Investors are wise to pay attention to how these fundamental drivers affect portfolio performance.

  • pdf iconFuel for Growth - This report from Wells Fargo Investment Institute outlines three areas in our global economy that offer fuel for economic growth: Consumers, Innovation, and the Emerging Markets and suggests how investors can position portfolios to exploit long- term growth opportunities.

  • pdf iconDisruptions & Volatility - A question on most investor's minds these days is where to invest when markets are volatile. The market is always in perpetual motion. This piece offers suggestions from Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII) about investments that may benefit from volatility and disruptions.

  • pdf iconLiving Longer, Living Better - Will you be ready for what's ahead? Longer life spans, fewer younger workers, and diminishing economic and market growth rates have significant implications for the future of benefit programs and investors' portfolios. This report by WFII looks at opportunities and trends for investors to consider.