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Economic and Market News

Economic and Market News

2018 Outlook

  • pdf icon2019 Midyear Outlook - Current equity valuations are only slightly above historical levels, interest rates remain low, inflation has been contained, and currency volatility appears to be abating, allowing for second-half conditions to support markets. Challenges do lie ahead, however. We believe the second half of the year offers positive growth momentum. Read about a few of the challenges and opportuinities outlined by Wells Fargo Investment Instituite in the 2019 Midyear Outlook report.


Investment Strategy

  • pdf iconAsset Allocation Strategy Report (Executive Summary) - Summary perspective on international investing, global fixed income, equities, and alternative investments, as well as macro-economic datapoints and forecasts by Wells Fargo Investment Institute. (Sep 2019)

  • pdf iconAsset Allocation Strategy Report (Comprehensive) - Perspective on investing, economic and market information, strategic and tactical asset allocation models, including rationale, technical analysis, and international recommendations. (Sep 2019)

Thematic Reports

  • pdf iconInvesting for a Longer Life - People are living longer and more active lives, prompting many to rethink traditional views about retirement. Traditionally, retirement was considered an opportunity to do the things we can't do when working a full-time job. But, for those with limited financial assets, retirement may seem like an unattainable goal, creating a great deal of anxiety. At the same time, we're having fewer children, and the population is aging. Read what Wells Fargo Investment Institute has to say about this potential implications.

  • pdf iconBalancing Risk and Reward - Market participants must weigh the amount of risk they are willing to take in exchange for return or income. When asset prices begin to rise ahead of fundamental valuation measures, we believe that investors should exercise greater caution. We recommend maintaining a diversified portfolio with a level of expected risk that aligns with an investor's return objectives.


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