Envision Process Continued

The Envision Process (continued)

Implementing Your Investment Strategy


As financial advisors, our product-neutral approach allows us the freedom to develop a personal investment strategy that will best help you achieve the goals outlined in your recommended scenario. Based on your investment objectives and tolerance towards risk, the investment strategy we propose is designed to fit your unique situation. With your approval, we will implement your investment strategy and monitor results.

Monitoring Your Progress


The most important part of the Envision process is the way we are able to monitor your progress toward the financial goals you wish to accomplish. In other words, Envision is a tool designed to help answer the question, “How are we doing?” Your investment plan will require ongoing maintenance to help ensure optimal performance and achievement. Change may be one of the largest challenges you face, whether it is change in your life or in the world around you. With an Envision plan, we are in a better position to make investment decisions when change does come your way.