Envision Process

The Envision Process

We believe that a well thought out investment plan should serve as the foundation of our long-term relationship. Combining goal-based advice with sophisticated statistical modeling, the Envision process helps us create an effective, easy to understand, investment plan tailored just for you.

Define Your Goals

We begin by exploring your financial needs and goals while addressing the concerns you have about being able to achieve them. Together we work within the framework of two scenarios. First, we build an ideal scenario for each goal. Second, we build an acceptable scenario for each goal, reflecting reasonable compromises you are willing to make while still feeling that “life is comfortable.” Then we help you compare the goals to discover which are more important than the others.

Developing Your Plan

Based on Envision's analysis and our broad knowledge of securities markets, we will develop an investment plan that may help you achieve your goals within the context of a recommended scenario.


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